1928-S DDO (VAM- 3)+ Lamination Error on Reverse, Rare Peace Dollar!!!

1928-S   DDO (VAM- 3)+ Lamination Error on Reverse,  Rare Peace Dollar!!!
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1928-S   DDO (VAM- 3)+ Lamination Error on Reverse,  Rare Peace Dollar!!!
What's up with that price? Well, we don't really want to sell this coin. We wanted to list this one just to peak some interest. If you have any information, incite, or just comments, please, we encourage you to contact us. Thank you.

Click on either image above for a closer view. The one on the left shows the mint mark, and a good view of the whole break.

This peace dollar holds a nice premium due to its DDO error(VAM-3), low mintage, and condition. Yet we have not provided good pics for the obverse doubling of the motto, designers initials, or the date. Why is this?

The reason is because this 1928, from the San Francisco mint, has what we believe to be a lamination crack (planchet error) on the reverse side. Though we are not certain. The crack stretches from rim to rim, entering the field, and over the end of the eagle's tail. Months of searching, and we have yet to find another one on a "28-S anywhere! Look closely at the top end of the crack.(first pic on the bottom left) Notice the rise in the metal on the rim side of the crack. We believe this is further evidence of a lamination crack. We are taking the steps to get it attributed, graded and registered. We would love to get some more feedback on this one. We have received some really helpful information as of late. We thank everyone who has offered there advise. If you can offer any further information (positive or negative) we would love to hear from you!

Just zoom in on the images below, and see for yourself!!

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Below are the specs. and some additional information on this coin with no errors.

Type: Peace Dollar

Year: 1928

Mint Mark: S

Face Value: $1 USD

Total Produced: 1,632,000

Metal Composition: 90% Silver

Numismatic Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume one in poor condition will be valued at somewhere around $35, while one in "perfect" condition can bring $25,000. This price does not reference any standard grading scale. So when we say poor, we mean worn more than would be expected from a coin in this age, and perfect meaning it looks "perfect" without flaw or possibly even certified.