Why choose Cache of Coins?


First, the Cache does not have a store front, thus has no overhead. Second, we no longer sale via other web sites, so the items offered here are not subject to outrageous third party seller fees. Finally, this is not what we do for a living, so we don't have to mark up our prices to pay the bills. It is for these three reasons we are able to offer lower prices than local coin shops or auction sites. The majority of our inventory is priced below what you will find elsewhere, and or below there listed value! There are a few select coins on here, however, that are more a part of our personal collection. Letting go of those can be hard at times, but for the right price not quite as difficult, so we admit these select few may not carry the same great bargain as the rest of our inventory. That being said, we hope you enjoy yourselves and our sight. Just take a look around, and see what treasures the Cache has waiting for you!

Currently our specialty is providing quality unsearched half dollar rolls, at a lower cost! We are getting more and more repeat customers, because they are finding silver coins in our rolls. We have a steady, secure, and proven source from which we obtain our sealed boxes. We DO NOT open, search, weigh, or sort these rolls in any way! We grab the rolls, completely at random, from the box, that is from the vault.

Keep up with the most recent trend in silver! Silver Prices With the recent drop, and prices still expected to sore in 2014 there is no better time to try and find silver coins for a fraction of what they are worth!

Check out our YouTube video, to see how and why people, all over the world, are searching our rolls and finding silver!! Just click the link in the "Half Dollar Rolls" section to the left, and see for yourself!!

Also, Look carefully when going through these coins. Others have found "error coins", proof coins and coins in almost uncirculated condition, all of which have value beyond the coin's $.50 face value.

Featured Products

1 Half  Dollar Roll
12 Half Dollar Rolls
Regular price: $139.99
Sale price: $135.99
25, Half Dollar, Mylar Coin Flips
Regular price: $1.49
Sale price: $0.99
The Official Whitman Red Book 2012 US Coin Guide
Regular price: $8.99
Sale price: $6.99
1 troy oz of .999 fine, 2013 Graduation Silver Round!!
Regular price: $42.99
Sale price: $39.99
1966 Roosevelt Dime, Clipped Planchet Error
Regular price: $5.95
Sale price: $4.25
1896 Morgan $ , ANACS AU58, Top 100 VAM-4
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $279.00